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Jan 11, 2019 - Apr 15, 2019
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2008 NCHA Futurity, 3YO LMT NP Champion & NP finalist - by High Brow Cat $80 Million Sire



Jan 26 2019, 12:46 pm PST
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  • Alex_Lerma
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  • $1,200.00 USD
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Listing ID: 5768 Catty Hawk This Listing is Now Closed
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  • $235,000
  • $2,800
  • Available
  • Available
  • $650
  • 2019
  • Yes
  • 4,754,306
  • Chestnut, coon tail, roaning, flaxen
  • 2005
  • Yes
  • HERDA N/H- HERDA Guarantee Other 4 Genetic Panel Tests Negative
  • Catty Hawk LTE: $235,000+

    2008 NCHA Futurity 3YO LMT NP Champion & NP finalist
    2009 Abilene Cutting Spectacular 4YO OP Reserve Champion
    2009 Brazos Bash 3rd (tie) 4YO OP
    2009 West Texas Fut 4th 4YO OP
    2009 South Point Fut 4YO OP finalist
    2009 Augusta Fut 4YO OP finalist
    2009 NCHA Summer Spectacular 4YO OP finalist
    2009 Breeders Invitational 4YO OP finalist
    2010 PK Cutters Events 5 & 6YO OP Reserve Champion
    2010 Arbuckle Mountain Fut 3rd (tie) 5 & 6YO OP
    2010 Abilene Spectacular 4th 5 & 6YO OP
    2010 Music City Fut 5 & 6YO OP finalist
    2011 Tunica Fut 5 & 6YO OP finalist
    2011 The Cattlemens Derby 5 & 6YO OP finalist
    2011 NCHA Super Stakes 5 & 6YO NP finalist
    2011 Arbuckle Mountain Fut 5 & 6YO OP finalist
    2011 NCHA Summer Spectacular 5 & 6YO NP finalist.
  • Offspring earnings record - $835,000 +

    Latest Show News -

    2017 BRAZOS BASH -
    Derby Open CO-CHAMPION - Cattys Hope
    CLASSIC $100,000 AMATEUR 2nd - Iridescent Cat

    2017 COTTON STAKES -
    Open Derby 3RD - Cattys Hope

    Open Derby 2ND - HAWK IT TO HIM

    2017 NRCHA DERBY -
    OPEN Champion - LIL BAY HAWK

    2017 NCHA Futurity -
    Open Co-Champion - Dee Bar Isa Catty Blue
  • High Brow Cat - NCHA $80 Million Dollar Sire !

    LTE $47,000,000+
    No. 1 All Time Leading Cutting Sire
    Never before has a stallion dominated the cutting horse world like High Brow Cat.
    NCHA sire of the year 2003 - 2010
  • Scarlet Dance by NCHA Hall of Fame sire, Peppy San Badger
  • Breeders Incentive
    Super Stakes
    Abilene Spectacular
  • Cowan Ranch, Inc
Listing ID: 5768 Catty Hawk This Listing is Now Closed
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  • Payment Instructions will be shown in the winning bidder's account.
  • 10 Days After Auction Closes
  • NCTC Equine will notify Winning Bidder, Donor, and Facility and provide appropriate documentation once payment has been received. Winning bidder is responsible for contacting the Stallion Owner/Facility regarding any additional fees and/or booking dates.
  • Only the stallion's current 2019 breeding service fee is being donated and will be offered for sale through the NCTC Benefit Stallion Service Auction on the Perfect Horse Auctions (PHA) website as a donation to the NCTC Equine Program. After the auction has been closed and winning bid paid for, arrangements for payments of all other fees (chute fee, shipped semen, etc.) will be between the stallion owner/agent and the mare owner. If a stallion dies, is sold, or determined to be unfit for breeding prior to breeding the mare, only money paid to NCTC for the auctioned stallion service fee will be refunded and will constitute payment in full for any damage that may be incurred by the bidder and/or his/her agent.

    The stallion owner/agent shall supply the appropriate documentation to facilitate the registration of the resulting foal according to the appropriate breed registry. Only one embryo transfer will be recognized per contract. In the case of frozen semen, the same rules apply as a live stallion-breeding donation, as long as semen is viable.

    A live foal is guaranteed only to the extent of one return the following year for the same mare or a substitute mare and then only by the initial owner of the contract and according to the terms of the stallion's breeding contract.

    Only the stallion's current 2019 breeding service fee is being auctioned. Any vet bills, mare care charges, chute fee, semen shipping fees, or any other fees shall be the responsibility of the winning bidder/mare owner. The mare owner, by participating in this NCTC Equine Program auction, understands, agrees and accepts that NCTC faculty and staff, students, associates, and representatives are not liable for death, sickness and/or accidental injury including consequential damages, to the mare, foal or the mare owner during participation in the NCTC auction caused by either negligent or intentional acts of any party to the contract.
Listing ID: 5768 Catty Hawk This Listing is Now Closed

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Listing ID: 5768 Catty Hawk This Listing is Now Closed

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Listing ID: 5768 Catty Hawk This Listing is Now Closed

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