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Earner of $329,723! 2009 NCHA Open Futurity Champion. 2015 NCHA Leading Sire 2016 Equistat Top 12 Leading Juniro Cutting Sire.



Jan 15 2019, 6:14 pm PST
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  • Zanica1
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Listing ID: 5339 Rockin W This Listing is Now Closed
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  • Rockin W
  • Quarter Horse
  • 6666 Ranch
  • Guthrie Texas 79236 United States  Map
  • $329,723
  • $2,500
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  • 2019
  • Yes
  • 4807356
  • Sorrel
  • 2006
  • Yes
  • 4 Panel N/N - Herda = N/HRD
  • 2009 NCHA Open Futurity Champion
    At three, 4th, NCHA Limited Open Futurity; Equi-Stat #1 Leading 3-Year-Old Cutting Money-Earner.
    At four, top 10, NCHA Open Derby; split 3rd, Brazos Bash Open Derby; finalist in the Music City Open Derby and Bonanza Open Derby; semi-finalist in the NCHA Open Super Stakes.
    At five & six, final ist in the 2012 NCHA Open Classic/Challenge; split 5th, 2012 El Rancho Open Classic; fnalist in the 2012 Brazos Bash Open Classic.
  • Rockin W's first foals are now showing and winning.
    4 Foal crops of performance age with earnings of $791,418 / Average Earnings: $11,639

    ROCKIN SALLYCAT (One Sallycat, by One Time Pepto). $125,033: split 3rd, NCHA Open Futurity; 3rd, 2016 Brazos Bash Open Derby; top 10, 2017 NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic and NCHA Open Classic/Challenge; finalist in the NCHA Open Derby.

    Rockin KW (TF Smartlittle Linda, by Smart Little Lena). $109,695 - 2018 Arbuckle Mountain Open Derby Co-Reserve Champion

    ROCKIN HISTORY (Sixes History, by Playgun). $100,000: Road to the Horse 3-Year-Old Open Challenge Champion.

    ROCKIN A LIL (Miss N Lil Hickory, by Lil Bit O Hickory). $52,261 barrels: 2017 Barrel Daze Futurity Open 1D Champion; 2017 Greg Olson Memorial Barrel Futurity Open 1D Reserve Champion.

    SMART ALICE LOUISE (Smart Cat Moria, by High Brow Cat). $47,717: finalist in the NCHA Open Futurity, 2017 NCHA Open Classic/ Challenge, and 2017 Breeders Inv. Open Classic.

    ONE GOOD LOOKIN BABE (Hey Georgy Girl, by Wild Thing DNA). $47,717: finalist to 4, 2017: split 6th, NCHA Non-Pro Futurity; semi-finalist in the NCHA Open Super Stakes.

    SHESMISSCONGENIALITY (Scoot A Lil Closer, by Smart Lil Scoot). $44,434: fi nal ist in the NCHA Non-Pro & Limited Open Futurities; semi-finalist in the NCHA Open Futurity; 5th, 2016 Abilene Spectacular Non-Pro Derby; finalist in the 2016 Bonanza Non-Pro Derby; 2016 NCHA Non-Pro Super Stakes semi-finalist.

    ROCKIN CAT MORIA RG (Smart Cat Moria, by High Brow Cat). $35,812 to 4, 2017: top 10, NCHA Non-Pro Super Stakes, 3rd
    $10,000 Novice Non-Pro; finalist in the NCHA Non-Pro Futurity.

    PATTIE ROCKS (Styl ish Baby Doll, by SR In stant Choice). $23,299 to 4, 2017: finalist in the Breeders Invitational Open Derby, split 5th $10,000 Novice.

    ROCKIN HANGEM HIGH (Hick ory In dian High, by Hickorys Indian). $13,824: split 5th, NCHA Senior $100,000 Amateur Futurity and finalist $100,000 Amateur Futurity.

    ROCKIN BOON SAN (Boon San Spoon, by Hes A Peptospoonful). $13,566 at 3, 2017: 5th, NRCHA Non-Pro Futurity.

    LENAS ROCKIN (Zacks Lena, by Zack T Wood). $10,278 to 4, 2017: 5th, Wrangler Open Derby.

    ROCKIN ECLIPSE (Haidas Eclipse, by Haidas Lit tle Pep). $10,056 to 4, 2017: 3rd, Congress Open Cutting Derby.

    Rockin Smart (Playing It Smart, by Smart Little Lena). $7,829: 7th, 2016 Bonanza $100,000 Amateur Derby.

    Rockin Coolhand Luke (Dualin Safari, by Playin Safari). $6,346: Magic Valley RCH Open, $7,500 Ltd Open, Int. Open, and Limited Open Futurities' Champion; split 3rd, 2016 Magic Valley Open Derby

    Rockin Cats (Cats At The Mall, by High Brow Cat). $5,717 at 3, 2017: Waco Non-Pro Futurity Champion.
    Smart Rockin Moria (Smart Cat Moria, by High Brow Cat). $5,371 at 3, 2017: fi nal ist in the Brazos Bash Open Fu tu rity.
  • DUAL REY - NCHA #3 All-Time Leading Sir
    $105,038: Memphis 4-Year-Old Open Futurity Champion. The NCHA #3 All-Time Leading Sire, 2014 NCHA #2
    Leading Sire, and 2014 NRCHA #2 Leading Sire, siring earners of $30,700,000, including:
    REYS DESIRE - $409,603: NCHA Open Super Stakes Champion; NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic Champion; 6th, NCHA Open Futurity; split 4th, NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic.
    REY DOWN SALLY - $404,170: split 3rd, NCHA Open Futurity; Breeders Invitational Open Derby Champion; 3rd, NCHA Open Classic/Challenge; Breeders In vi ta tional Open Classic Champion; PCCHA Open Classic/Challenge Reserve Champion.
    SPECIAL NU BABY - $392,342: 5th, NCHA Open Super Stakes;
    NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic Re serve Champion; Bonanza
    Open Classic Co-Champion; 2015 San Antonio World Series Open
    Champion; NCHA Bronze Award.
    TR DUAL REY. $353,174: NCHA Open Super Stakes and Open
    Derby Reserve Champion; Western Horseman Cup Reserve Champion; PCCHA
    4-Year-Old Open Stakes Reserve Cham pion; Memphis 4-Year-Old Open Futurity Reserve Cham pion. Leading sire.
    MISS ELLA REY. $344,249: 2014 & 2013 AQHA World Champion Amateur Cut ting Horse; NCHA NP Co-World Cham pion; NCHA Bronze.
    DUAL SMART REY. $330,436: NCHA Open Super Stakes Cham pion;
    AQHA World Champion Junior Cutting Horse; Bonanza Open Derby
    Champion; Abilene Spectacular Open Classic Reserve Champion.
    ROCKIN W. Reference
    REYANN HICKORY. $324,141: 4th, NCHA Non-Pro Futurity;
    Breeders Invitational Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion; Abilene
    Spectacular Non-Pro Derby Reserve Champion.
    REYS DUAL BADGER. $313,563: NCHA Horse of the Year; NCHA
    Super Stakes Open Classic Co-Reserve Champion; Brazos Bash
    Open Derby Champion; Memphis Open Classic Champion.
    CR SUN REYS. $294,321: 2014 NCHA Open Finals Champion; split
    4th, NCHA Open Super Stakes; NCHA Gold Award.
    SVR REYL SMART. $275,865: NCHA Open Super Stakes Co-Reserve
    Champion; 3rd, NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic.
    SODA REY BAY. $267,968: 6th, NCHA Open Super Stakes.
    LIL RATTLER. $266,273: 2015 NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Classic
    Champion, 2014 Co-Champion; 4th, NCHA Open Super Stakes.
    SNOW REY. $258,267: NCHA Non-Pro Classic/Challenge Reserve
    Champion; Arbuckle Mtn Non-Pro Classic Champion; NCHA Bronze
    CAT A REY. $233,867: finalist in the NCHA Open Futurity; Augusta
    Open Futurity Champion; NCHA Open Finals Reserve Champion.
    HALREYCIOUS. $227,459: NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic
    Champion; Augusta Open Classic Reserve Champion.
    DUAL R SMOKIN. $219,434: NCHA Super Stakes Non-Pro Classic
    Champion; NCHA Non-Pro Top 15; NCHA Gold Award
  • BOON SAN KITTY, by High Brow Cat. $565,504: NCHA Horse of the Year; NCHA Open Classic/Challenge Champion 2 years; PCCHA Open Futurity Champion; Breeders Invitational Open Derby Reserve Champion; NCHA Hall of Fame; Western Horseman Cup Open Champion, etc.
    The 2014 NCHA #4 Leading Producer. Dam of 12 money-earners, $849,690 including:
    ROCKIN W (c. by Dual Rey). Reference.
    RW ROCKIN (f. by Dual Rey). $202,578: 2014 Breeders Invitational and Abilene
    Spectacular Open Derbies' Reserve
    Champion; 5th, 2014 NCHA Open Super Stakes; 6th, 2015
    NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic; 2015 The Ike Open
    Classic Champion; 2015 Abilene Reserve Champion.
    BOON SAN SPOON (f. by Hes A Peptospoonful). $171,207: 2015
    NCHA Open Classic/Challenge Champion; 3rd, 2015
    NCHA Super Stakes Open Classic; Brazos Bash Open
    Derby Reserve Champion.
    THE BOON (c. by Peptoboonsmal). $76,156: 2014 NCHA Open
    Classic/Challenge Co-Reserve Champion; 2014 PCCHA
    Open Classic/Challenge Re serve Champion.
    TIMES UP (c. by One Time Pepto). $21,501: Australian NCHA
    Non-Pro Classic Reserve Champion.
    ROCKIN KITTY (f. by Dual Rey). $14,325 to 4, 2015: split 4th,
    Breeders Inv. $10,000 Novice Derby.
    Boon San Helen (f. by One Time Pepto). $7,994 NCHA.
    Checkered Cat (g. by Im Countin Checkx). $6,794 to 4, 2017: finalist in the Cattlemens Open Derby.
    All Boon (f. by Peptoboonsmal). NCHA money-earner.
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  • Rockin W Syndicate
Listing ID: 5339 Rockin W This Listing is Now Closed
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  • Payment is due within 10 business days of the close of the auction. The NRCHA reserves the right to re-list any breeding contracts not paid for after 10 business days.
    Winning bidder may use cash, check or credit card to complete payment.
    Checks should be made payable to: NRCHA, 1017 N Hwy 377, Pilot Point, TX 76258
    If you choose to pay with a credit card, call the NRCHA office to complete payment: 940-488-1500.
  • The stallion owner or representative will send breeding contract directly to the winning bidder. The stallion owner or representative will be contacted with the winning bidder's contact information within 2 business days of payment clearing the NRCHA office.
  • You are bidding for one 2019 breeding contract donated to NRCHA by the stallion owner/agent for the 2018-2019 NRCHA Stallion Service Auction.The 2019 Stallion Breeding Contract is transferable to the mare owner/bidder who bids the highest amount for the 2019 breeding auctioned online with mare owner/bidder will be purchasing the 2019 breeding services of the stallion specified. This contract is not transferable to any other mare owner and is for the 2019 breeding year only. The contract is for the breeding fee only. The mare owner/bidder will be responsible to pay any and all charges/fees related to the execution of this contract, including but not limited to: veterinarian fees, chute fees, shipped semen fees, mare care, and all other expenses, to the stallion owner/agent.The NRCHA is not responsible for any cost, expenses, and/or charges related to the execution of the breeding contract by the breeding facility not contained or recorded in this contract. NRCHA's involvement in and responsibility for the 2019 NRCHA ONLINE STALLION AUCTION terminates upon transfer of this contract to the mare owner/bidder. Breeding arrangements will be made between the stallion owner/agent and the purchaser.
Listing ID: 5339 Rockin W This Listing is Now Closed

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Listing ID: 5339 Rockin W This Listing is Now Closed

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Listing ID: 5339 Rockin W This Listing is Now Closed

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