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Dec 30 2017, 4:03 pm PST
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Listing ID: 4774 Outback Stallion Station This Listing is Now Closed
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  • 2018
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  • Warning: The seller has not provided any information about genetic testing. You are advised to contact the owner or the breeding facility for updated information.

  • Outback Stallion Station offers an on-site embryo transfer program. This program involves management of recipient mares, flushing the embryo and transferring the embryo into the recipient mare. We also offer the service of shipping the embryo to another facility as well as receiving embryos from other farms.

    Fee Schedule:
    Synchronizing the recipient mares, fee includes two cycles $700
    Embryo Flush $350
    Transfer fee $350
    Lease of the recipient mare when safe in foal $1300
    Total cost on successful transfer first cycle

    Shipping & Receiving Embryos
    Shipping Embryo (additional fee to flush) $250
    Receiving cooled shipped embryo/transfer $350
    Purchase of Outback recipient mare in foal $1600
    Breeding the donor mare is an additional cost, see mare fee schedule.

    Outback Stallion Station will foal out and provide routine care for the newborn foal for a flat fee of $450. This fee includes 14 days of mare care.
    Services Include:
    24-hour monitoring
    Large 24 ft x 12 ft foaling stalls
    Video surveillance in stall
    Veterinarian on call for each foaling
    Umbilical cord care
    Enema administered as needed to decrease risk of meconium impaction
    Newborn foal and postpartum mare examinations

    Additional Services available (additional cost):
    Antibody level in foal's blood measured by Snap test at 24 hrs of age
    Deworm mare after foaling to limit parasite infestation of foal
    Supplemental colostrums, as needed
    Veterinary services for non-routine events, (i.e. dystocia, retained placenta, etc.)
  • Outback Stallion Station
Listing ID: 4774 Outback Stallion Station This Listing is Now Closed
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  • Payment Instructions will be shown in the winning bidder's account.
  • 10 Days After Auction Closes
  • Once the payment for the breeding is received by a representative of the GWRHA, the stallion owner will receive an email from us to let them know you are the buyer of the breeding. We will attach you in this email so you will receive it at the same time. They will then send you a contract for the 2018 breeding season. Once the contract is received you will need to contact the breeding manager in timely manner to arrange your breeding.
  • The auction is for the "breeding fee only". All additional charges, booking, chute, mare care, shipped semen, veterinary bills, etc. are the responsibility of the mare owner and need to be discussed between the mare owner and stallion owner/agent. GWRHA has no responsibility for setting or collecting the additional fees.

    The breeding season for this contract begins February 1, and closes July 1, 2018. Mare owner shall be entitled to one return privilege in the following year for the same mare, if said the resulting foal does not stand and suck pursuant to this contract or in the event of mares death, or vet certified breeding unsoundness of mare; a substitute mare may be used. The mare owner may not sell or transfer this contract to another mare owner, without the express consent of the stallion owner. Any and all 2019 re-breed fees are the responsibility of the buyer.
    The Great Western Reining Horse Association acts only as agent in this sale and will not be responsible for accident, sickness, or death to any stallion, mare and/or foal.

    The Foal resulting from this breeding will receive one paid up Level 4 Open or Level 4 Non Pro Derby entry of the Best Little Derby In The West. Free entry is nontransferable.

    Upon receipt of payment for the breeding, there will be an email sent out to the Stallion owners to let them know who purchased their stallion for breeding season. Also, the email will be sent to the buyer, they will send you a contract and start to deal with you. It is the bidder's responsibility to contact the stallion owner in a timely manner to arrange the breeding.

    All proceeds from the sale of this auction will go to the GWRHA to support the GWRHA 2018 Best Little Derby In the West hosted by GWRHA.
Listing ID: 4774 Outback Stallion Station This Listing is Now Closed

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Listing ID: 4774 Outback Stallion Station This Listing is Now Closed

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Listing ID: 4774 Outback Stallion Station This Listing is Now Closed

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