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Dec 15, 2022 - Jun 1, 2023
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Five Bars Of Silver

Reining and Roping Champion
NRHA money won


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Jun 1 2023, 12:00 pm PDT
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Listing ID: 7174 Five Bars Of Silver This Listing is Now Closed
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  • $2,524.76
  • $1,200.00 USD
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  • Not Available
  • United States Only

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  • $650.00 USD
  • Not available
  • $200.00 USD
  • Wet $16.00 Dry $14.00
  • Stud fee on video is wrong.

  • 2023
  • Yes
  • 665525
  • Buckskin
  • 2010
  • No
  • None
  • ApHC National High Point Hackamore reining
    ApHC National Champion reining
    ApHC World Reserve Champion reining
    ApHC Versatility Champion
    ApRHA Reserve Champion Open Reining Futurity
    ApHC Team Roping Reserve World Champion
    ApHC Judged Heeling Reserve World Champion
    5 ROMS
    2 Bronze Medallions

  • Gay Bars Silver:

    2003 Appaloosa Cutting Horse Assoc. 3yr old Open Futurity World Champion
    2004 San Antonio Stock Show ApHC Jr. Cutting Champion & High Point Cutting Horse
    2004 Appaloosa Horse Club Jr. Cutting National Reserve Champion
    2004 Appaloosa Cutting Horse Assoc. 4yr old Derby World Champion
    2004 Appaloosa Horse Club Jr. Cutting World Champion
    2005 San Antonio Stock Show ApHC Jr. Cutting Champion & Res. High Pt. Cutting Horse
    2005 Appaloosa Horse Club Novice Non-Pro National Champion
    2005 Appaloosa Horse Club Jr. Cutting World Champion
    2005 Appaloosa Horse Club National High Point Champion
    Won 3 Bronze Medallions ROM cutting 4X World Champion in two years
                                                                                           Open Shows
    Cutting in & around Area 9 Texas
    2004 American Southwest Texas Cutting Horse Assoc. Novice Horse Champion
    2005 American Cowtown Cutters Open Reserve Champion
    2005 East Texas Cutting Horse Assoc. Novice Horse Champion
    2005 South Texas Cutting Horse Assoc. 3rd Novice Horse
    2006 WCTCHA Novice Horse Reserve Champion

    2016 Appaloosa Cutting Horse Assoc. HALL OF FAME
    2018 Appaloosa Horse Club HALL OF FAME

    4 ApCHA Futurity Champions
    3 ApCHA Futurity Reserve Champions
    3 ApCHA Derby Champions
    2 ApCHA Derby Reserve Champions
    1 ApRHA Futurity Champion, 2 ApRHA Futurity Reserve Champions
    1 Freestyle Reining Champion
    3 VERSATILITY Champions
    Champions in: Roping, Reining, Cutting, Games, English, Halter, etc...
    Approx: $60,000.00 earned

  • Ms High Five:

    Has produced
    7 Bronze Medallion winners
    1 Versatility Champion
    6 ROM winners

    Ms High Five is an ApHC Hall Of Fame inductee
  • Both parents are ApHC Hall Of Fame inductees.
  • https://www.facebook.com/CavinessRanch
  • Ben Caviness
Listing ID: 7174 Five Bars Of Silver This Listing is Now Closed
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  • An additional $30.00 USD office fee will be added to the bid/purchase price.
  • Payment Instructions will be shown in the winning bidder's account.
  • 5 Days After Auction Closes
  • Once check has cleared or PayPal payment has been made, ApCHA Association will be notified and ApCHA will send out verification to stallion owner and to the buyer.
  • As a condition of this contract the stallion owner/donor must agree to the following.

    1. The stallion owner's standard breeding contract will be signed indicating the donated breeding and sent to the breeding facility so they will be familiar with the donation. A photocopy of the breeding contract should also be returned to ApCHA with this donation contract for informational purposes. The stallion owner is responsible for sending the original breeding contract to the mare owner and the breeding facility.

    2. If the stallion is sold, becomes deceased or unfit for breeding at anytime during the stallion auction, the donor of the stallion must immediately notify Liz Kincaid.

    3. The stallion owner may charge the mare owner for normal mare care charges and any other applicable fees such as chute fees, veterinary fees, semen shipping fees, etc.

    4. Once the breeding has been sold, the ApCHA will notify the stallion owner and breeding facility. The contact person's name and phone number of the breeding facility and owner will be given to the purchaser. Breeding arrangements will be made between donor and purchaser. The ApCHA is not responsible for booking dates or any additional fees associated with this breeding.

    5. Should the stallion die, become unfit for breeding purposes, or is sold during the duration of the breeding season and said mare has not been serviced by said stallion, then any moneys paid by mare owner to Appaloosa Cutting Horse Association shall upon proper verification of the above mentioned stallion owner, be given credit to purchase another stallion fee in the succeeding Appaloosa Cutting Horse Association Stallion Auction. If credit balance remains, credit will be issued for that balance the second year.

    6. Arabian, Thoroughbred, and Quarter Horse Stallions owners are encouraged to pay all fees associated with breeding an ApHC registered mare. Service Buyer will pay all ApHC fees required for non-ApHC registered stallion if stallion owner will not (including ApHC membership, stallion listings, DNA test or waivers, shipped semen reports, stallion reports and mare listings).

    7. All the information provided to the ApCHA by the stallion donor is believed to be true. The ApCHA is not responsible for verifying information and will not be responsible for any misleading information.

    Stallion Service Auction Procedures

    All breedings donated to the program will be auctioned online. If a stallion stands at Private Treaty or is syndicated, an established breeding fee will be determined. In order for a bid to be considered, it must be at least fifty percent (50%) of the advertised or established breeding fee or $350.00 whichever is greater, unless designated by stallion owner. Any breeding not sold when bidding closes, will be offered on a "buy now" basis. The ApCHA auction ends on June 1, 2023.

    Any breeding purchased through the ApCHA Stallion Service Program may not be transferred or re-sold by the purchaser. Breedings are for the 2023 season only. Any carryover to a future year is at the sole discretion of the stallion owner. If no foal results from the 2023 breeding, the Incentive will carry over for one (1) year only, providing the stallion donors approval based on their stallion contract. Payment in the form of Check must be mailed to the ApCHA Stallion Auction upon purchase of breeding. PayPal payments are also accepted, a 4% processing fee will apply to the total amount owed.

    The ApCHA Stallion Auction will accept late stallion breeding donations until April 15, 2023. It is in the best interest of the stallion owner to donate as early as possible to help the stallion auction and receive the full benefits of advertising. The late breedings will be sold on a "buy now" basis.




    Important Notice:

    The purpose of this program is to provide funds for the ApCHA 3 year old cutting futurity and 4 year old cutting derby purses. In view of this purpose, there will be no refund of winning bids for any reason. After the bidding has been completed, any transaction dealing with the breeding will be solely between the stallion owner and the mare owner. It will in no way involve the ApCHA. Submitting a contract indicates acceptance of the foregoing statements.
Listing ID: 7174 Five Bars Of Silver This Listing is Now Closed

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Listing ID: 7174 Five Bars Of Silver This Listing is Now Closed

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Listing ID: 7174 Five Bars Of Silver This Listing is Now Closed

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