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Hollywoodstinseltown is a 2004 AQHA palomino stallion.


Jan 14 2012, 4:03 pm PST
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  • aandjpitts
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  • $2,200.00 USD
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  • All applicable fees shown on this listing are in addition to the bid price unless otherwise indicated.
Listing ID: 1072 Hollywoodstinseltown This Listing is Now Closed
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  • Hollywoodstinseltown
  • Quarter Horse
  • Tioga Texas 76271 United States  Map
  • $172,690
  • $3500 (includes $750 booking fee paid by bidder to breeder and is not part of bid price)
  • Available
  • Available
  • $300-$500
  • $300-$500 (included in stud fee)
  • $300
  • $750 (to be paid by bidder to breeder)
  • $15-$20 a day
  • Yes
  • 4529556
  • palomino
  • 2004
  • $172,690 LTE; AQHA ROM; 2007 NRHA Fut finalist and Prime Time Champ; 2007 NCRHA Fut finalist; 2007 Las Vegas Classic 3YO OP finalist; 2008 NRBC finalist and INT OP Champ; 2009 NRHA Derby OP Rsrv Champ and INT OP Champ; 2009 Cowboy Capital Classic Derby INT OP finalist; 2010 NRBC 4th OP 2010; Battle In the Saddle USEF 4th OP.
  • LTE $65, 809; NRHA Fut Rsrv Champ; NRHA Derby Champ; NRHA Super sStakes Champ; NRHA 5 MIllion Dollar Sire and Hall of Fame. Equi-Sate's 2nd All Time Leading Reining Sire with offspring earnings in excess of $6,700,000.
  • Miss Tinseltown by Great Red PineAQHA pt earner; 1997 NRHA Fut 4th 3YO OP; 1998 NRBC 4 7 5 YO OP Co-Rsrv Champ; 1999 NRBC 4 & 5 YO OP Champ; 1999 NRHA Derby 4 & 5 YO OP Rsrv Champ; 2001 NRBC USEF Rsrv Champ. Offspring earnings of $354,135.
  • Foals eligible for AQHA Incentive Fund, NRHA Sire and Dam, NRBC.
Listing ID: 1072 Hollywoodstinseltown This Listing is Now Closed
  • Check, Money Order, Bank Transfer
  • Three weeks after the close of sale.
  • The high bidder pays the bid price to the NCRHA. All other fees are paid to the owner or breeding manager. These additional fees include, but are not limited to booking/chute fees, shipping costs, mare care. International bidders may have additional fees.
  • Once payment is received by NCRHA, you will receive by USPA a signed copy of the contract. The stallion owner will also receive a copy of the contract. You may then make arrangements with the owner/breeding manager to breed your mare.
  • You are bidding for one 2012 stallion breeding contract donated to NCRHA by the owner/agent for the 2012 NCRHA Auction.

    All proceeds from the sale of this auction will go to the NCRHA to support the NCRHA 2012 Futurity.

    This 2012 Stallion breeding contract is transferable to the mare owner/bidder who bids the highest amount for the 2012 breeding auctioned online with beginning December 18, 2011 and ending January 14, 2012, 5 PM CST.

    The mare owner/bidder will be purchasing in full the 2011 breeding services of the stallion specified. The mare owner will be responsible to pay any and all charges/fees related to the execution of this contract including, but not limited to, veterinarian fees, chute fees, mare care and other expenses. NCRHA is not responsible for any costs, expenses and/or charges related to execution of the breeding contract by the breeding facility not contained or recorded in this contract. NCRHA’s involvement in and responsibility for the 2011 NCRHA Online Sire and Dam Auction terminates upon transfer of this contract to the mare owner/bidder.
Listing ID: 1072 Hollywoodstinseltown This Listing is Now Closed

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Listing ID: 1072 Hollywoodstinseltown This Listing is Now Closed

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Listing ID: 1072 Hollywoodstinseltown This Listing is Now Closed

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