New Custom Auction Registration Form Instructions

All fields are required. If a section does not apply to you, please mark it NA.

This form is not using secure transmisison, so please do not include any sensitive or financial data on this form.

Acronym or Shortened Business Name

Please indicate the customary acronym or preferred shortened form of your business name. We may use this name in combination with the name of your sale.

Sale Name

Name of Sale will be used to identify it on Perfect Horse Auctions web site and newsletters. In some cases the name must be shortened or abbreviated in some way in order to display correctly.

Start Dates and Start Time

Dates requested for your auction can only be guaranteed upon receipt of contract and deposit. If another association requests the same date, the first deposit received will be awarded the dates requested.

If your requested start date is less than 30 days from now, please contact Perfect Horse Auctions before you complete this form.

Listings will be visible to the public as soon as they are added to the sale catalog, which may be up to 30 days prior to the bidding start date.

Your sale may open or close on any date or time, but please be aware that Customer Service may not be available on holidays, after normal business hours, or on weekends.

All times on Perfect Horse Auctions are shown in the Pacific Time Zone only.

End Dates and End Time

The sale end time specified here is the time that bidding will close for your FIRST listing. All subsequent listings will close AFTER this time at intervals of 2 - 5 minutes.

The end time for each listing will extend if there are new bids within the final minutes of bidding. The extension of a listing due to active bidding will not delay the close of subsequent listings.


The logo must be square and should be 300px by 300px. You may change the logo at any time from your account profile.

The banner must be 1400px wide by 200px high. If necessary, our designer will use additional images from your web site, and/or modify the dimensions of your logo to meet the required dimensions. Your logo and banner images may be used for advertising and promotional emails.

Post Sales

Check with our sales office to see if this option is available for your sale.

You must decide BEFORE bidding closes how you would like to manage listings that do not sell during regular bidding. These items are referred to as "post-sales"

If you would like Perfect Horse Auctions to manage your post-sales, then any listings not sold during the regluar bidding period will be automatically re-listed as "buy now" listings.

The re-listing process takes place immediately when the listing closes, and will be displayed at the end of any remaining listings not yet closed. In this case, all purchases must be made through Perfect Horse Auctions.

Bidders are not informed of your post sale choice until AFTER bidding has ended. Please refer to out custom sale user guide for more information about this option.

Post Sale Length

If Perfect Horse Auctions will be managing your post sales, how long would you like the listings to remain available as "Buy Now"? All post sale listings must close by June 30.

In the case of breeding or service contracts be sure to check with the owner / donor to be sure the extended sale time is acceptable.

Perfect Horse Auctions reserves the right to shorten the post sale length as needed.

Sale Administrator

The Sale Administrator is the ONE person we will communicate with regarding the sale set up and operation. Please choose only ONE person for this role, to avoid confusion.

The Sale Administrator will be responsible to enter the listings in the sale catalog, answer questions from bidders throughout the sale, and communicate with winning bidders / owners after the sale to complete the transactions.

The sale administrator must be able to respond daily to email at the address given for the duration of the sale.

Sale Administrator Account

Please provide the email address and login credentials that were used to register your Sale Administrator Account on Perfect Horse Auctions. This should not be a personal user account. If you have not registered an account that represents your organization, please stop and complete that step now.

Payment Instructions for Winning Bidder

Payments from winning bidders will be made directly to your organization.

The instructions you provide here will be recorded to your account, and will be automatically filled in for each listing, for your convenience. The instructions may be customized on each listing if desired, when you create or edit listings. These instructions are included as part of the winning bidder email and are not displayed publicly on the website

Payment Instructions should include:
- Payment To
- Payment Address
- Credit Card Instructions
- Payment Due
- Fulfillment


Make payment to Acme Inc.

Acme Inc
1234 Any Road
Anytown, State 000000

For credit card payments please call 000-000-0000

Payments are due within 10 days of auction closing.

Contracts will be mailed upon receipt of payment.

Delivery Terms

Terms of Sale

You must provide the terms of your sale, indicating the legal contract between you and the bidder.

The entire Terms of Sale must be added to each listing page to ensure that the bidder knows exactly what is being sold.

Terms should indicate whether the sale is for ownership of an item or for a service contract.

Terms for service contracts must specify the year(s) in which the service is to be used.

Terms should not include the end date or time for the listing, as these are subject to change.

Terms should indicate who is responsible for any additional costs such as boarding, transportation, shipping etc. Include any limitations necessary.

Terms should not rely on the bidder’s understanding of industry practices, as Internet bidding is available to many people who may not be familiar with the industry.

If your sale includes more than one kind of item (for instance, service contracts as well as items for sale), please include the general terms for your entire sale on this form. Specific terms should be added to each listing as appropriate.